Golf/Ladder Ball
Golf/Ladder Ball
Golf/Ladder Ball
Golf/Ladder Ball

Golf/Ladder Ball

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Great for Everyday Fun! Use for Hillbilly Golf, Redneck Golf, and Ladder Ball!
Guarnteed to keep children occupied for hours
Fun for people of all ages!
Easy to learn and play
Lightweight and portable
Can be played in a small space or a large space



Ladder Golf ensures you'll never show up to a tailgate party unprepared.
so you can play on any type of ladder golf set.
Play ladder golf with your friends and family, at the cabin or on the beach.
Use Manual:
Play with 2 or more players or teams
Each player has 3 golf ball sets. Wrap the balls around the ladders

Improves perceptual motor skills
Helps develop hand eye coordination
Game of Skill -- Play against someone or try to beat your own score



Color: 1 Set of Red and 1 Set of Blue!
Short Ropes 24cm length, Long Ropes 39.5cm
Ball Diameter: 4.5cm

Package Including:
1 X 6 Set Golf Tosses Replacement Ladder(12 Balls, 18 short Ropes, 5 long Ropes)